The Island of Secrets

The Plot Thickens
Session 2

Upon arrival to the town, the adventurers are met with a mob of townspeople congregating around the hutspitol, growing more and more agitated.

"Bring out the old man! He must pay for what he did!" and other chants are shouted by the mob.

The other paladin sneaks into the crowd and provides a distraction to allow the rest of the party to gain ingress into the hutspitol.  Unfortunately, this distraction whips the mob into an even more frenzied state, "BRING HIM OUT! BRING HIM OUT!"

Inside the small medical facility, there is a small cot with a frail old man lying on it.  The cot is surrounded by two burly town guards and the mayor, Felnich Brumm.

The old man is regaining consciousness, and Felnich is grilling him on how come the town has suddenly run out of food upon his arrival.  The players tell the mayor that the food had been eaten by the farmer's chickens, who had grown to impossible size after drinking some potion spilled by the bandits after they robbed the old man.  The old man was a victim of a robbery, and had nothing to do with the disappearance of the town't food supply.

Upon mention of the potion, he abruptly comes awake.  He is very passionate about his potions.  The old man's name is Gladorf Feinhale, and he is an alchemist travleing to Absolom to bring the captain of the adventurer's guild a secret, and very important message.  He was robbed, and the message was stolen along with his cart full of potions by the gang.  One of the bandits thought the colorful jar was some sort of booze, and luckily found the smell of the embigination fluid too repulsive to drink and threw it to the ground, where later the chickens consumed it.  Gladorf knows that he had a phial of tinsyfiner fluid on the cart, if the bandits havent already disappeared with it, which should revert the giant chickens back to their normal size.

By this time, the crowd outside starts to bash in the door with paladin infused rage, and the bard and the mayor both exit to address the crowd in order to quell their rage against Gladorf.  Unfortunately, the mob's indignation is now turned to the mayor and the guards as to why they haven't done a better job of protecting the town from unsavories… all while the adventurers and Gladorf escape.

The old frail alchemist is set up in an inn to finish healing while the party goes off to reclaim the cart, the potions, and the secret message.

After a harrowing battle, the bandits succomb to the overwhealming cunning and stength of the party.  In the cart are several indecipherable colored glass bottles, five heal light wound potions, and a glowing sealed tranparent box containing a scroll.

An Adventure Begins
Session 1

Six friends get together to travel the lands to find adventure.  They have honed their skills and are ready to test their mettle against whatever dangers their pursuits bring.

A short travel from their small villiage brings them to a small farm on the outskirts of an even smaller town.  The farmer tells the party that the town is starving because all of the food in the farms has dissappeared ever since an old man came to town.

The old man was being kept in the hutspitol recovering from wounds sustained mysteriously upon arrival to the town.

In searching for clues in the farm, the adventurers discovered that the chicken coop was completely distroyed, and there was impossibly large chicken footprints leading from the farm into the forest.  The group followed the tracks and encountered a giant 15 foot tall chicken and several of her dog sized chicks.

Instead of attacking, the dragonborn paladin attempted to ride the gargantuan poultry while the resident druid talked to the beast and found out that an old man in a wagon had come to town and was attacked by bandits!  The hen and her brood had investigated the scene after the bandits had left with the wagon and had inadvertently drunk some enbiggenation juice spilled in the dirt while they were scratching for bugs in the street.

The starving farmer caught up with the party after they had befriended the birds with food from their supplies, and he eyed their feathered friends hungrily.  The adventurers warned the chickens to flee to the woods, lest they be eaten, much to the farmer's chagrine.

The farmer relayed to the party that no wagon was recovered from the old man, who was found unconsious on the road, but he heard news that the old man was stirring in the hutspitol in town.  The adventurers head off to investigate!


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